Novagant prides itself as an innovative, diverse company in the development and sale of equipment to enhance and benefit the growing medical cannabis industry.

With the addition of Michael Thornton to the management team, the Company has also acquired Michael’s first of many inventions that are designed to revolutionize the horticultural sector.  The Alkanna light highlights the Company’s innovation by using LED lights in an indoor grow light (that is a progressing hot topic) with the introduction of a “grow-by-number” technology that is not found anywhere else.

Aside from having developed the Alkanna light, the Company is also engaged in research, design, and development for the manufacturing of advanced controls technologies and energy efficient lights for indoor grow boxes, grow rooms, green houses and medical cannabis related equipment.

At this time, the Company will not be handling any cannabis plants.  The Company’s products are geared towards equipment to enhance cultivation activities, and legal medical products.

We strive to bring high value to the Company and to our Shareholders.  Thank you for visiting our website.

Novagant, Inc. (NVGT)
AlKanna Light Picture.