AlKanna Light On


Novagant’s AlKanna Lights Series.
The AlKanna LED grow light is virtually a 1000-lights-in-one device that will give growers the versatility and flexibility that no other indoor light offers.  It gives growers the ability to access 1000 combinations of lights to suit the growing needs regardless of the growing stage of the plant.

Most indoor growers must move their growing plants from a cloning chamber to a vegetation room and then to a flowering room, because each chamber or room is equipped with fixed lighting suited only to the plants’ growing phase.  The lighting needs for cloning or propagation differ from the lighting needs for growing the plants and also differ from that needed for flowering.  During the process by which growers move their plants from one room to another room for a change in lighting, plants are vulnerable to shock that may take up to a week for the plants to recover and adapt.

The AlKanna LED light is based on a unique system of dialing any of 1000 combinations of various light wavelengths and intensity with the help of pre-programmed smart drivers.  The light eliminates the need to move plants to different lighting chambers or lighting rooms.  The growers need only change the light settings to change the lighting to suit the needs of the growing plant.   So, imagine changing your clone chamber to a vegetation room and then to a flower room with just one light — because with AlKanna you can, and without subjecting the plants to the shock of relocation. If you choose to continue moving the plants from room to room then all you need to do is standardizing your lights for all the rooms to Novagant’s AlKanna lights. You will reduce energy usage and eliminate shocks. The result is 30-50% energy savings and up to 14 days gain of growth without shock.

We named our new LED grow light “AlKanna” after a genus of herbaceous plants that includes over 60-70 species belonging to the Boraginaceae family.  Almost like the AlKanna blossoms, our AlKanna light has a 1000 different settings.  Essentially a thousand lights in one.

As an LED-based light, the AlKanna light is more energy efficient and more longer-lasting than high intensity discharge (HID) lights or fluorescent (CFL) lights.

With simple easy-to-use dials, growers can easily master the AlKanna with the turn of dials to desired numerical settings.  By adjusting the light combinations to strain specific settings, cannabis growers can maximize their yields while reducing their operating costs.   The versatility of the AlKanna light is that it benefits all indoor cultivation needs.